Do not sleep late even if tomorrow is a holiday!

Do not sleep late even if tomorrow is a holiday!

Studies show that a normal adult should get at least seven hours of sleep per night. Even so, there are still a significant number of adults who do not enjoy these required minimum hours of sleep. Staying up late to watch your favorite TV show, reading a book, working late or partying, etc. can all be significant reasons for this. The facts show that getting less than seven hours of sleep a night is unhealthy. Most obvious, are the serious health problems you can experience.


What are the bad effects of sleep less? There are some diseases that one of the causes is lack of sleep. It is shown that people who do not sleep for at least 7 hours were more prone to diseases such as diabetes and heart conditions. They are also likely to suffer a stroke and cancer. 

Besides, Sleeping late stresses your body and mind, which can cause a spike in blood pressure. 

And the immune system can greatly reduce immunity due to overworking of the body. Your body is not able to create antibodies effectively, which makes it susceptible to infections.


You will be worst when you don't get enough rest or sleep. When you go to bed late, you wake up feeling tired. This automatically affects your mood. Studies shows that fatigue due to lack of adequate sleep triggered negative emotions. In fact, the study found that going to bed late or not getting enough sleep has a far more serious impact on your mood than it does on your cognitive or athletic performance.

This is not to mention that lack of sleep may also lead to your body become obese, due to grogginess unexpected accidents and so on.

Keep enough sleep as you need is an important thing of our life. It is also need to be maintain to sleep regularly even if the next day is a holiday!

Resource:, Fitness & Exercise -By Vivian Jun 01,2018

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