BMC M1 mini launches in MEDICA 2020!

November 19, 2020, MEDICA, which is the largest event in medical sector around the world comes to a successful ending. 
The exhibition of Medica has been firmly established for several decades. It was recognized as the largest and most authoritative medical trade fair in the world, attracting several thousand exhibitors and lots of national and international experts. BMC as a superior company in the respiratory area participated in MEDICA from 2009 without no accident in this year. 
This is a rare opportunity for BMC to show everyone the New Arrivals product, BMC M1 mini auto travel CPAP device. As the latest product, M1 Mini has progressed a large step in both appearance and performance.
M1 Mini is as small as an adult hand and lighter than a bottle of 500 mL water, which makes it be more portable. Double Color Injection molding at the spherical surface makes the outer part is transparent and with the highlight, also matches the Symmetrical aesthetics perfectly. 
It provides standard/soft/ female, the three kinds of modes for users in different sensitivity.
With BMC Mini app, any adjustment of the device settings is much easier.
The waterless humidification mask inherits the advantages of the previous masks including light, less limitation, groove fit, platform-based, and so on. What's more, it extends a new function, waterless humidification, by "accommodating" the moisture in the user's exhalation, send into the user's airway in inhalation, thereby realizing waterless humidification. The combination between M1 mini to waterless humidification makes people who need travel easier.
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