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Comparing with traditional SD card, cable, Bluetooth and data module, iCode collaborating BMCares App, is a brand new way for data transfer.

Search “BMCares” on App Store or Google play to install the App.

Virtual is real

RESmart devices pack up compliance records in iCode. Unlike traditional way of data transfer, iCode is more stable and secure because only BMCares App reads it. Virtual is real.

Reliable is iCode

App reads iCode and generate analytical reports over 1, 7, 30, 90, 182 and 365 days as to present therapy effectiveness directly. More detailed compliance data are stored in iCode QR+.



iCode iCode QR iCode QR+
Format Strings QR QR

Smart is Report

Adding email addresses under your private account to share the reports. BMCares App will send reports whenever iCode successfully uploaded. Sharing couldn't be easier.