About BMC

200.pngBMC Medical Co., Ltd. (BMC), was founded in 2001 in Beijing, to provide global families with integrated service to sleep-disordered breathing (SDB) and other chronic respiratory diseases. So far, has established branches and subsidiaries in Tianjin, Xi'an, Shenzhen and other places, with a total of more than 300 employees.

Relying on the forward-looking corporate strategy and stable development concept, BMC has gradually formed a unique "three horizontal and two vertical" strategic layout. "Three horizontal" refers to three major areas of home care, medical care and respiratory consumables, "two vertical" refers to the products and services. The products mainly include SDB diagnostic devices, non-invasive ventilators, HFNO (high-flow nasal cannula oxygenation) devices and respiratory consumables (including various types of masks and breathing tubes etc.), and have successively obtained the registration and certification of NMPA (CFDA in China), CE (EU), FDA (US) and other countries, and have been provided to Europe, America, Asia Pacific and other places, covering more than 100 countries and regions around the world, with rapid growth from 2017.

With the strong sense of mission to serve the country and excellent operational efficiency, BMC has won wide recognition and praise from the society, customers and partners among the industry. BMC was recognized as a national software enterprise in 2006, passed the quality management system certification of ISO 13485 in 2008, was recognized as a national high-tech enterprise in 2012, won the "Excellent Product Award 2015" issued by China Instrumentation Society in 2015, was selected as the backup enterprise of Beijing G20 (Beijing Biomedical Industry Leaping Development Project) in 2016, won the China Excellent Design Award at the 20th China Patent Award in 2018, and three key BMC employees were employed as standardization experts by China Standardization Innovation Strategic Alliance in the same year.

BMC has always insisted on independent R&D for many years since establishment, has its own brand and independent intellectual property rights, and has set up R&D centers in various places in China for product R&D and technological innovation.

As a medical device company, BMC believes that the demand from the medical front line is the most important, and has always kept close communication with medical front line. BMC has participated in the national key R&D plan projects - the R&D of digital diagnosis and treatment device, and the Tianjin internet integration demonstration project, and was successfully approved as Beijing respiratory and critical care engineering center, and together with Beijing Chaoyang Hospital and other 300 clinical cooperative hospitals, BMC has been jointly studying the products of diagnosis and treatment of chronic respiratory disease and medical technology.

While maintaining innovation in products and professions, BMC also attaches great importance to service. BMC has set up experience center and customer service center in China, allowing users to conveniently enjoy one-stop services, including product trial experience, consumption, device installation and adjustment and after sales services etc. In 2015, cloud based Respiratory Health Management Platform was established for ventilator users, through remote automatic data transmission, the highway between users and doctors has been established, to achieve remote management of sleep-disordered breathing (SDB) and chronic respiratory diseases. This platform has been widely used in many countries in the world.

Holding the core value of “dedicated, professional and responsive”, keeping the brand personality of “inspiring, practical, considerate and smart”, adhering to the corporate tenet of “family cares”, BMC is firmly committed to “partnering with families worldwide to overcome the discomfort of chronic respiratory disease with quality products, professional services, and proactive care”, keenly seeking to “become the first choice in respiratory care”.