Do not give up once you start CPAP therapy


Sleep health is very important in our life which can influence both body and mental health. Sleep apnea syndrome is the key to sleep health problems and decreased sleep quality. 

People with OSA can often feel sleepiness from all directions. Driving napping, napping at work, going to bed early and waking up late, feeling sleepy and not getting enough sleep are all due to poor sleep quality.

CPAP is an effective treatment for OSA. However, due to its treatment modality, many people have difficulty in adhering to it due to various reasons,Wearing a mask, with the machine on, fell asleep with a little sound and airflow,which sounds like it will take a while to adapt it.

It is said that approximately one-third of patients fail within one year of starting CPAP treatment although it can greatly improve your life quality. For various reasons, such as handsome, such as can’t adapt to the night mask, such as feel ineffective and so on.

Someone is naturally resistant to foreign objects on the face not even the full face mask. You can ask your doctor if you can get a nasal or nasal pillows mask to adapt it during a few days before. 

The gas leak of the mask can be another reason cause people to be unable to adapt. Awakened by a slight leak of wind, it is awful. The skill of mask wearing is something you need to master. When a CPAP mask fits correctly, it should create a seal that air does not escape from, but at the same time feel comfortable to the user. If a user has to tighten a mask to the point that red marks form on the face, or to the point that a person feels claustrophobic, then the mask is too tight.

In one trial, the adherence rate for subjects who received CPAP for the first time was 67%, compared to 52% for those who gave up treatment and started CPAP again.

This means that if you have given up, you are more likely to give up treatment again.

Therefore, from the moment you decide to start treatment with CPAP, stick with it until you make using the ventilator a daily habit, and you are less likely to give up treatment again. Make it a habit of your life.

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