Therapy data from BMC devices are supported smoothly to transmit and upload to PAP Link WEB. You can access the platform easily to follow up summary and detailed data statistics of your patients and devices, which will be valuable for ongoing patient care, and lower relevant cost of services.

Compatible with CPAP & BPAP

BMC devices that have wireless connectivity can transmit data to PAP Link WEB, including CPAP and BPAP devices from the GII, G2S, G3 series and M1 Mini etc.

Visualized detailed graphs

You can view or set summary and detailed and clear therapy data from visualized graphs and values as your customized need via PAP Link WEB.

Multiple report types

One-click report generation with rich types of Usage Compliance, Statistical Data, Summary Data, Detailed Data, All Available Data and Custom, save more time and pay more care into patients for health professionals.

Remote settings support

Device settings can be accessed remotely, to make your patients more comfortable and you more convenient.

Specifications for the Software are provided in electronic form only and not in paper form. If you need an electronic version, you can download it directly. If you need a paper version, please contact BMC to obtain it.

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