PolyWatch YH-600

Model No:YH-600A Pro/ YH-600B Pro

Key Features:Compact appearance / easy to wear / real-time monitoring waveform / professional analysis software

Description: Polywatch YH-600 will bring you a whole new experience through the design of a wristwatch and simple operation. With this portable device, you can perform sleep tests at home without having to wait in line to do sleep studies in a sleep lab. The comprehensive analysis software provides you with user-friendly sleep analysis and accurate diagnostic reports.


Polywatch YH-600 can be used in hospitals and families to meet different application scenarios. The device is light, easy to wear, has friendly human-computer interaction and a real-time screen displays waveforms and parameters. Professional analysis software, with cross-platform data compatibility, can generate diagnostic reports for clinical reading.


  • Light and easy to wear
  • Friendly interaction and real-time display
  • Professional analysis, easy to read


Model SpO2 Pulse Airflow Snore Wrist Pressure Position Chest &Abdomen
YH-600A Pro                
YH-600B Pro                

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