There are 3 main types of machines used to treat sleep apnea and all of them are usually called CPAP machines, but some are actually APAP or bi-level machines.

- CPAP (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure) machine delivers continuous airflow to a person's upper airway during sleep to keep the airway open and enable him/her to sleep well.

- APAP (Automatic Positive Airway Pressure) machine is similar to a CPAP machine but it automatically changes the pressure in response to the person's needs, which can make the therapy process more comfortable.

- Bi-level machine delivers a different pressure for breathing in to the one used for breathing out. This type of sleep apnea machine is usually intended for people who need higher pressure.

Bi-level ST machine is mainly designed to enhance the breathing of patients with restrictive lung disease, severe chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), and respiratory diseases that affect breathing.

G2S Auto CPAP System (G2S A20)

G2S A20

BMC more popular CPAP machine is an advanced device in 2023, designed with comfortable breathing & affable appearance in mind. Much smaller, lighter, and quieter.

G2S BPAP System (G2S B20T / G2S B25T)

G2S B20T / G2S B25T

With a heated integrated humidifier, professional data management on, our better BPAP (BiPAP) system machine can offer you a more comfortable sleep both at home & hospital.

G2S BPAP System (G2S B20A / G2S B25A)

BMC G2S B20A / B25A

Better breathing machine for treating those sleeping issues patients, with BMC Bi-level BPAP machine can be perfectly used in traveling, home and hospital.

G2S BPAP System (G2S B20S / B25S)

G2S B20S / B25S

Buy much better BiPAP (Bi-level Positive Airway Pressure) machine online, BMC G2S B20S/B25S BPAP device has a good reputation. Sleeping issues products trusted supplier.

Auto CPAP System (M1 Mini)

M1 Mini

Buy lightweight & fair-priced portable CPAP equipment for traveling, much better partner for patients with sleep apnea on a business trip. Invite investments globally.

G3 BPAP System (G3 B20A / G3 B25A)

G3 B20A / G3 B25A

Use brand new BMC G3 Bipap machine with a humidifier for treating sleep issues like sleep apnea & snoring, trusted supplier ensures fair price.

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