Nasal Cannula NC12

Model No:NC12L / NC12M / NC12S

Key Features:HFNC, High Flow Nasal Cannula

Description: NC12 is a nasal cannula suitable for high-flow oxygen therapy.


NC12 is a nasal cannula suitable for high-flow oxygen therapy.
HFNC therapy is able to reduce the dead space effectively while making the moisture, heating, and oxygen concentration adjustable so that the comfort and compliance of the patient are improved significantly.


  • Silicone prongs give a more soft and comfortable touch feeling.
  • Adjustable and flexible headgear is suitable for different head sizes.
  • Soft and slight tube provides more comfort.
  • The mounted clip on the cannula is designed to keep stability.
  • The universal connector is suitable for most of the heated tubing design.


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