Nasal Mask

N4 Nasal Mask


With new era of design, highly integrated NM4 is exquisite and smart.

Nasal Mask(N5B)


The design without forehead frame is suitable for the patient who suffers from the nasal septal deviation. Much comfort plus dynamic seal makes the therapy easier.

Nasal Mask(N5A)


Forehead-frame-free design enables you to enjoy more vision.

iVolve N2 Nasal Mask


With extremely simple design, N2 gives you extra comfort. Its soft silicone cushion provides you with a lightweight and perfect fit. Quiet venting feature enables you and your bed partner to enjoy an undisturbed sleep.

Nasal Mask(N5)


BMC has been committed to developing quick fitting masks. N5 Nasal Mask was designed for better performance and more comfort during therapy.

Nasal Mask (N6)


The innovative circular dispersion vents make less noise and can help you sleep well.

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