CPAP masks are available in a variety of shapes and sizes. In general, there are 3 different types of CPAP masks: nasal pillows, nasal mask and full face mask.

F2 NV Full Face Mask

F2 NV1 / F2 NV2

F2 NV Full Face Mask is customized for the patients who need ventilation treatment in hospital. It has fewer parts and can be self-orientated used. Its ergonomic cushion design takes care of your feelings.

Nasal Mask N5AH


Compared with the conventional mask, the waterless humidification mask improves significantly for the convenience of the user by converting the complicated heated humidifier into an integrated waterless humidification kit on the mask. It couldn’t be

P2 Nasal Pillows Interface(P2)


P2 Nasal Pillows Interface is a brand new mask with minimalism design, including the headgear. Limited parts make it much easier to not only wear but also clean and assemble. It is so light and comfortable that you can hardly feel it while wearing.

N4 Nasal Mask


With new era of design, highly integrated NM4 is exquisite and smart.

Nasal Mask(N5B)


The design without forehead frame is suitable for the patient who suffers from the nasal septal deviation. Much comfort plus dynamic seal makes the therapy easier.

Nasal Mask(N5A)


Forehead-frame-free design enables you to enjoy more vision.

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