HT Series Respiratory High-Flow Therapy Device

Model No:HT90SU2

Key Features:HFNC, HT series


Innovative HT series Respiratory High-Flow Therapy Device with Bilevel HFNC and Auto HFNC can meet more clinical departments.


HT Series Respiratory High-Flow Therapy Device - Equipped with a Wi-Fi module and optional Rx-Monitoring system, wireless data transmission between multiple devices, nurse stations and centralized management of multiple beds can be realized.


  • Max. flow: up to 90L/M
64 beds: support centralized data monitoring & management of up to 64 beds
  • 8 inches: HD touch screen, friendly human-computer interaction
  • Dual protection: with device self-checking function & front and rear bacterial filters
  • ROX index: automatic calculation, real-time display
  • High-pressure & low-pressure oxygen connectors: can be applied to high-pressure/ low-pressure oxygen resource
  • AutoFLow
Auto high flowwhich automatically adjusts the flow rate according to the patient's inhalation effort while satisfying the therapeutic effect, easily copes with the occurrence of emergencies and efficiently manages the treatment
  • SmartFLow
Bilevel high flow, which switches the flow between breaths, provides a higher flow when inhaling and a lower flow when exhaling, ensuring the effectiveness and comfort of patients while reducing hyperventilation and saving oxygen resources



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