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PolyWatch Sleep ScreenerYH-600
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PolyWatch Sleep Screener
Polywatch YH-600 can be used in hospitals and families to meet different application scenarios. 
The device is light, easy to wear, has friendly human-computer interaction and a real-time screen displays of waveforms and parameters. Professional analysis software,with cross-platform data compatibility, can generate diagnostic reports for clinical reading.
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PolyWatch Sleep ScreenerYH-600
Key Features:
Portable design meets the mobility requirement. Its simplicity
and lightweight features give you a better sleep care.
Multiple parameters detection will provide you with reliable and
diversified monitory data.
Automatic sleep indentify and CSA detection gives you an
accurate diagnosis.
Validated report provides you comprehensive information abou
your sleep index. Complete analysis results assist doctors to make further
treatment plan for you.