ProductsnPAPGII SeriesRESmart BPAP System
T-20A / T-25A
RESmart GII BPAP SystemT-20A/T25A
RESmart GII BPAP System
RESmart GII BPAP System T-20A / T-25A auto bi-level are ideal forsleep apnea users who find it difficult to adjust to a fixed pressure. These auto bi-level air generators have two different, adjustablepressures which can make therapy more comfortable.
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Efficient heating:
ECO Smart efficient heating system is always providing a whole night of humidification .
Easy data access:
iCode and SD card records can be viewed and evaluate though RESmart PC Software or PAP Link smart phone App.
Slowly and gentally.
We provide Multi-language systems for you from any place around the world.
RESmart GII BPAP SystemT-20A/T25A