In 2020, the pandemic of COVID-19 swept the world. As a company focusing on respiratory health, BMC bears in mind its mission and is duty-bound to fight against the epidemic.

In the early stage of the outbreak, BMC immediately integrated its inventory and quickly responded to the market. In order to meet the first-line demands, BMC made every effort to increase its production capacity. BMC’s Non-invasive ventilators, respiratory high-flow therapy devices, ventilation masks and other products have been widely used in the first-line of anti-epidemic, and the respiratory data management platform is also free of charge for all hospitals.

Facing the increasing cost of raw materials and labor, BMC maintained product price stability, strictly controlled quality, improved after-sales service network, and resolutely cracked down on illegal activities in the market to promote healthy development of the industry.

The epidemic is not over yet, and prevention and control are still in progress. We are willing to take the greatest courage and responsibility to protect the human health.

Kind Regards,
(George Zhuang)

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