BMC H-80 HFNC Device

In recent years, there has been more information about treating adults with respiratory high-flow therapy equipment when it is used as an intermediate therapy to improve oxygenation in adult critical care patients, respiratory care units and palliative care. High-flow therapy equipment are also used to treat chronic respiratory disease to reduce progression and improve physiologic outcomes and quality of life. The use of respiratory high-flow therapy equipment continues to increase because they are easy to install and well accepted by patients.
Since the outbreak of COVID-19, a variety of respiratory high-flow therapy equipment have been widely used in hospitals around the world. Before the ISO 80601-2-90 document was released, there was no international or national standard for respiratory high-flow therapy equipment. With the global spread of the epidemic, the need for such a document is clear and very urgent.
So, ISO 80601-2-90, Medical electrical equipment — Part 2-90: Particular requirements for basic safety and essential performance of respiratory high-flow therapy equipment, was proposed by China to ISO. BMC Medical standardization technical expert ChenXingwen worked in this international project team as project leader, drafted ISO 80601-2-90 with HFNC industry famous experts from United State, Europe, New Zealand etc., together. The release of this standard not only fills the gap in international standards for this type of product and improves the international standard system in the field of anesthesia and respiratory equipment, but also provides technical support to ensure the safety and effectiveness of high-flow respiratory therapy equipment and promote international circulation, especially for global pandemic prevention and control.

          BMC H-80 HFNC Device
The pursuit of being perfect has always been the purpose of BMC Medical's production and development. At BMC, H-80 series Respiratory High-Flow Therapy Device ——
        BMC H-80 HFNC Device 
                                                 H-80 series                                                           
H-80 series:
  The flow rate can reach 80 L/min, meeting the clinical needs.
♦  Perfect balance on humidity and temperature.
  Unique and advanced modes: AutoFlow and SmartFlow, which are more automatic and intelligent. (Only for H-80AS)
  Child friendly mode: LFlow
  High cost performance, high quality and perfect after-sales team
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