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Sleep is essential for health.
Like eating well and exercising, sleep is a behavior that is essential to a person's physical, mental, and social well-being. However, sleep is not yet universally recognized as an essential behavior for physical health.1
BMC Medical Co., Ltd. has been dedicated to sleep and respiratory health for more than 20 years. They share knowledge about sleep and provide comprehensive solutions for people all over the world. The mission of BMC is to partner with families worldwide to overcome the discomfort of chronic respiratory disease with quality products, professional services, and proactive care.
On March 11, BMC conducted a sleep salon with the theme " What do you need to sleep " with the distributors in the Philippines.
The conference aimed to share knowledge on sleep disorders and sleep studies. Expert doctors presented their insights on sleep disorders and highlighted the importance of sleep health. BMC showcased its PAP devices and H2 series polysomnography. Positive airway pressure (PAP) treatment is one of the ways to help keep the windpipe open during sleep by using a machine to pump air under pressure into the airway of the lungs. 2

Through local agents, BMC also attended sleep and comprehensive conferences in the Philippines and Turkey on March 16-18. Its innovative oxygen concentrators products and 6-series masks were displayed at these events.

BMC responded to the call of the World Sleep Society with action by sharing sleep knowledge through general session, sleep conference and other forms. BMC has won wide recognition from users in more than 100 countries and regions, including the United States, Germany, France, Italy and Spain.
BMC will continue to be based on sleep and respiratory health, so that its innovative products and solutions can help people get better sleep and high-quality life.

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