Welcome to join us at ASMIC 2022!

ASMIC 2022!

We are pleased to share with you that we will be attending a conference called "ASMIC" at the Shangri-La Hotel in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. We will show you our products and services in the field of Respiratory, Sleep and Humidified Gas Oxygen Therapy. We promise you will have a great time here!

We look forward to seeing you at booths No.35!

Welcome to join us at ASMIC 2022!

H-80AS Respiratory High-Flow Therapy Device (HFNC)

The H-80AS respiratory high-flow therapy device provides high efficiency treatment to patients with spontaneous breathing, by delivering a certain flow of heated, humidified breathing air. (Not available for life support) There are two Innovative modes below.

  • AutoFlow - Auto high flow mode

AutoFlow -Auto high flow mode, adjust the flow rate automatically according to the patient's inspiratory effort while satisfying the treatment effect, so as to easily cope with the occurrence of emergencies and efficiently manage the treatment.

  • SmartFlow – Bi-level high flow mode

SmartFlow - Bi-level high flow mode, follow patient's every breath, switch the flow between breaths, provide a higher flow when inhaling, and a lower flow when exhaling, ensuring the patient's therapeutic effect and comfort while reducing hyperventilation and saving oxygen resources.

Welcome to join us at ASMIC 2022!

R-90S Respiratory Insufficiency Ventilator

The BMC R-90S non-invasive bi-level ventilator has been designed highly integrated with high-flow mode and non-invasive mode, which can meet more needs of clinical treatment.

Welcome to join us at ASMIC 2022!


Also called a sleep study, it is a comprehensive test used to diagnose sleep disorders. During the study, a polysomnography monitor records your brain waves, oxygen levels in your blood, heart rate and breathing, as well as eye and leg movements. We have two different Polysomnography products to meet your monitoring needs in different scenarios.

“What could be better in the world than for us to talk to each other?” Looking forward to seeing you at ASMIC 2022!

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