Public Welfare Help Run, BMC & Love Save Pneumoconiosis

BMC Medical jointly sponsored a charity run in China on June 15 in Beijing, Tianjin, Hunan, Shandong and other places, in collaboration with Love Save Pneumoconiosis, a charity foundation devoted to helping and treating the 6 million Chinese rural migrant workers suffering from pneumoconiosis, aiming to make more people pay attention to respiratory health and care for pneumoconiosis patients.

Breathing is the most natural rhythm of life, but not everyone can enjoy the right to breathe freely. There is such a group of people, they are exposed to dust and air pollution for a long time due to work, thus suffering from severe pneumoconiosis. So, in this activity, all participants had a breath-holding 30 seconds challenge and 6.15KM run to experience the importance of breathing health in life.

Since 2018, BMC Medical has been in close contact with Love Save Pneumoconiosis Charity Organization, working together to solve the respiratory health problems of pneumoconiosis patients and the problem of poverty caused by the disease. BMC has assisted in organizing many campaigns, such as providing free ventilators to pneumoconiosis rehabilitation centers, donating money to help children from pneumoconiosis families to go to school and something else.

"Companies help the development of public welfare not only by making donations, but by exerting social influence to push caring organizations and special groups to the public, so that more people know and understand them, thus we can gather more social power to help them." said Bei Chen, manager of BMC Medical.

We will not stop our steps to do charity work, promoting practical actions related to breathing in the world. And we also hope all the work we do could arouse your awareness of taking care of your breathing health. Exercise more! Strengthen your body and improve breathing quality!
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