BMC donated device worth 10 million RMB to more than 100 medical institutions


Recently, under the guidance of MIIT, BMC donated respiratory therapy equipment worth 10 million RMB to more than 100 medical institutions in Hebei, Henan, Jiangxi, Sichuan Province and Tibet Autonomous Region, which aimed to improve their treatment equipment configuration.

BMC donated respiratory therapy equipment to improve the level of medical services in primary care institutions, to realize the sinking of medical resources to primary hospitals, and to allow more people to share the quality medical services brought by technological innovation. This is also a response to the national policy.

The donated medical equipment includes Respiratory High-Flow Therapy Devices and R Respiratory Insufficiency Ventilators. The H series device can provide warmed and humidified air-oxygen mixture gas to help people get more comfortable therapy. It improves the patient's oxygenation level and allows the patient to maintain normal airway mucus cilia, HFNC makes the patient feel more comfortable during the treatment compared to non-invasive ventilation.

R series ventilators are non-invasive ventilators with both high-flow mode. They are easy to operate and can monitor multiple metrics in real time, such as oxygen saturation, pulse rate, respiratory rate, etc. can meet more clinical scenarios.

BMC takes "family cares" as a slogan and it is what we do always.
In the future, BMC will continue to take attention to medical resources to help people in remote region, so that more people can enjoy the services from innovative medical device and get high quality life.
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